Correct handling of intercom water intake

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1. Circuit board and conductive rubber button processing

First of all, the conductive rubber button of the walkie talkie is cleaned with anhydrous alcohol and placed to dry. Then use the sharp tool to remove the dirt between the integrated block and the line, and then soak the circuit board with anhydrous alcohol. Clean with a soft brush, air in a well-ventilated place, and dry with a hair dryer. Pay attention to the temperature of the hair dryer is not too high, with the hand on the circuit board can endure.

2. Handle speakers and microphones

Dry the speaker and microphone under a hair dryer, making sure the temperature is not too high. Speakers and microphones should not be soaked in anhydrous alcohol.

3. Handling of chassis

Clean up the besmear in the aperture of intercom machine shell, after soaking with anhydrous alcohol again, brush clean with hair, put in ventilated place air is usable.

4. Handle the antenna and battery

To check whether there is water or moisture in the antenna soft cover, handle it according to the treatment method of the circuit board and conductive rubber button. Intercom battery is divided into battery block and battery box, first test the battery and current, if necessary, can be charged to try. If the battery case is AA rechargeable battery, it can be easily replaced. As the battery block is sealed, it needs to be carefully disassembled with a knife to replace the broken intercom battery inside.

Second, the commissioning

After all the parts of the computer are processed, they can be installed back in the reverse order of disassembly. Check, can be energized test machine. Power test machine is best string into the ammeter, if the battery box inserted is not convenient for serial ammeter, it is recommended to use the dc jack of the body to insert 6 ~ 9V DC. Turn on the power for a short time and observe that the current should not be greater than 60mA. Otherwise, there is a short circuit or leakage in the machine, which needs to be handled. After the current is normal, observe whether the frequency display and emission indicator lamp are normal. Then use the same frequency, good intercom to receive, send test machine. If normal, look at the operating current at the time of launch. For the interphone with a short speaking distance, check whether the antenna and the antenna plug are loose and oxidized.

Power test machine when the current is normal, but if the CL or frequency display is wrong, can not receive, send a message and other phenomena, this shows that the need to reset the frequency. For the use of lithium battery to "memory" of the interphone, such as HX260, also need to check the lithium battery voltage and current. The lithium battery voltage is measured to 3V, and the short circuit current is measured to be more than 100mA.