Intercom rental

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Intercom rental scope:

         communication is a big problem. Mobile phones are a great way to make contact, but in some remote areas the signal is poor, not to mention the high cost of roaming. At this time, the most economical and effective means of communication is the walkie talkie.

【Rental price list】

Series classification

Brand classification


And gold

Work rate

In range

Civil intercom摩托罗拉20元/天/台negotiable0.5W2~3KM

 Professional intercom

Explosion-proof interphone摩托罗拉50元/天/台negotiable5W5~7KM
Professional FM vehicle platform摩托罗拉80元/天/台negotiable50W45~50KM
Portable repeater好易通80元/天/台negotiable50W45~50KM

Special instructions

1. All renters will send professional staff to the site for professional guidance, and deliver goods to the door.

2. Please take care of the product during the use. If there are scratches or other damage during the lease period, the company will compensate according to the severity of the damage (such as small scratches and other minor damage will be accepted as usual).

3. The renter shall not use the walkie talkie for illegal or criminal activities. If the walkie talkie is deliberately damaged and scrapped, it shall be compensated at the market price.

4. tel:021-64516981   64703171